About Me


My Name is Stefan Mathys, born 84 and art was always a passion of me. I started with 3d sculpting in 2001.

I never wanted to limit myself to one specific artform, so a few years later, I started with traditional sculpting. Even though I liked working with clay,I never transitioned completely over. But it helped me understand certain work processes, I could use in digital projects.

In 2007 I bought my first airbrush which started my painting "career". I love the combination of traditional brushes and an airbrush. It opens so many possibilities.

Around 2018, I bought my first 3D Printer and a dream came true! I was able to hold my digital creations in my hands.

My Goal

When I do a project for myself, I don't limit the time. Never rush it. I like to go back and change things, till I'm happy with it. Never be afraid of changing something you're not fully happy with.

When I got into the 3D printing and painting scene, I noticed the majority of people rush the paint job, after spending hours of printing and prepping. Some don't know better, others might underestimate the time is needed to create something that stands out a bit more and I'm sure there is a small part that want quantity over quality.

I get asked a lot how I did certain things, what brushes and colors I use, so I decided to create this site, that people could get to know my way of doing things. That's not the only way, just my way.

And most importantly, I hope to inspire fellow makers. Try different and new techniques


Inspiration is one of the most important reasons to do any kind of art. You can get your inspiration from so many things and I hope you get some from my projects.

I also hope YOU inspire other people. Either with your work or ideas.

Feel free to let me know if something helped you in one of your projects or gave you simply an idea to solve a problem.

I will try to upload more video tutorials of my projects.

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