Skeletor (3D Printed) WIP

by smathys84

My Motivation

I always loved the animated series Masters of the universe, despite the fact it mainly was focused on selling toys. I just loved the character designs, especially Skeletor. 

After I bought my first 3D Printer (Anycubic Photon), I wanted to print Statues and on some day I stumbled over a great Skeletor piece. Usually there are too many things I dont like in bought statues. Pose, design, expression, you name it. So I mostly stay away from them and design my own stuff. But this statue was 90% there. 
I didnt like the feet, the Ram head and the base. All things I could fix easily…I thought. But as always, I spend too much time on things I thought would not bother me. And then there was further problem. I wanted to print the Statue tall, but the Photon has a print volume of just 115 x 65 x 155 mm, not counting the 5-6mm the supports need. So I not only had to sculpt and resculpt the Statue, I also had to re-cut the legs/pelvis to make it fit to the buildplate. 

…to be continued*

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